Analysis and diagnostic of turbomachinery

PRE-7105 is a specialization course for diagnostics of flexible shaft machines operating above their critics speeds.

21 hours




850,00 € each person (tax not included)


Madrid, 27-29 November, 2017
To be scheduled in plant when required.


Ernesto Gonzalez, ISO -18436-2 CAT III Vibration Analyst.


The training course of analysis and diagnostics of vibrations in Turbomachinery is failure diagnostics oriented using multichannel for structural problems and diagnostics of failures in turbomachinery.


This course has a duration of 14 hours and is divided into 5 themed blocks that develop measurement and analysis techniques for the solution of structural problems and diagnostics of failures in turbogroups.

List of topics:

  • Identification number of symptoms and failures in turbomachinery.
  • Analysis and interpretation of most common failures: Unbalance. Misalignment. Roces. Clearances. Oil Whirl. Oil Whip. Orbital and Spectral analysis.
  • Transient analysis. Amplitude-phase vector monitoring. Bode and Nyquist diagrams. 3D charts and tracking orders. Application in runups and coast downs.
  • Multichannel analysis. Definition, application and transfer functions.
  • Turbomachinery structural analysis. Study phases and structural dynamic identification of failures. Introduction to ODS and Modal Experimental analysis and its application in the diagnosis of turbogroups.
  • Resolution of historical cases and proposed solutions.