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Reliability Services Maintenance.

Maintenance activities have become critical and essential functions for the companies, beyond repairing assets.

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Precision alignment

Why not enjoy already the best technology for laser precision alignment?

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PrediPack, predictive maintenance by vibration analysis

Preditec/IRM offers a suite of tools and services to ensure successful implementations of predictive maintenance in your industrial plant.

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Preconcerto, Predictive Maintenance Manager

Preconcerto is a high value-added service offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) for PdM information managent to implement predictive maintenance strategy in the fastest and more efficient way.

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iPdM, online predictive diagnostics

iPdM service includes sensors, monitoring equipment and predictive reports on a new service concept including everything needed by the user, so a panel with machinery status and real time predictive reports are avaliable.

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Special services for ships

We offer special services for the shipping industry such as noise and vibration measurements, power measurements, vibration and noise estimates, structural analysis ...

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Welcome to Preditec / IRM

We provide predictive maintenance (PdM) or condition-based, diagnostic equipment and training predictive techniques to increase reliability in industrial plants (RCM). We also have sensors, monitoring systems based on portable collectors and continuous vibration (Condition Monitoring Systems). Other services: thermographic inspections, ultrasonic, electric motors, advanced diagnostics, modal analysis, determining the root cause (RCA), oil analysis, alignment and balancing rotating shafts.