Current practices of Termogrfica INSPECTION: Applications and Results

PRE-7120 for predictive maintenance technicians seeking the termgrafos know how they work as professionals and get the best results.

14 hours


From 09:00 to 13:30 and from 15:00 to 17:30 h.


700.00 Euros per person (IVA not included)


Zaragoza, 9-10 May, 2017
Madrid, 17-19 October, 2017
*Under plant demand, consult


Guillermo Santa-María, Thermograph Level II certificate


INSPECTION Course Termogrfica est practices in maintenance directed atcnicos who want to learn the basic concepts of this technique as well as their applications.


Knowing the basic concepts of INSPECTION Termogrfica as well as their applications.

While sta technique is very intuitive when observing images and detect hot spots, the correct measurement of the temperature can be complex given the variety of influencing factors in the chain of non-contact temperature measurement, ah the course describes the cautions and practical advice for use in the field.

List of topics:


  • Fundamental concepts. Electromagnetic radiation. Heat transfer. Termogrfica image energy. Transmissivity. Radiometer. Infrared imaging systems. Windows and filters. Limitations of the technique.
  • Report generation termogrfica INSPECTION. What to measure, how to measure and when to measure. Termogrficas and interpretation of diagnostic images of Avera. Uses diagnostic tools.
  • Considerations for proper practices termogrfica INSPECTION.
  • INSPECTION in electrical installations. Practical guide and historical cases.
  • Thermo-electric INSPECTION. Application in engines. Practical guide and historical cases.
  • INSPECTION thermo-mechanics. Practical guide and historical cases.
  • Other applications of the imager. Heating and cooling devices. Electronic components. Moisture. Unions and delamination. Cracks and holes. Surface uniformity. Inspections of boilers and process heaters.