Technical notes

Dedicated O&M Team optimizes performance of mature

Application of New Technology and Attention to Detail Keeps Invista’s Equipment Performing Reliably in Demanding Nylon Intermediates Production Process

Most of the chemical industry’s plant equipment was installed decades ago. Nevertheless, through the ongoing efforts of dedicated plant operators, engineers and maintenance technicians, the majority of this machinery continues to operate reliably and efficiently. Such is the case at Invista’s plant in Orange, Texas, U.S.A. Formerly known as Dupont Textiles & Interiors; Invista reported that it is the world’s largest integrated fibers and intermediates company with more than $6.3 billion in revenue, 18,000 employees and a
presence in 86 countries. The Orange plant produces nylon intermediates used to make nylon 66 for a wide range of end use products including carpeting, apparel and home interiors