Structural Dynamic Analysis

Structural analysis service modification calculation and verification of changes in the structure


Structural Dynamic Analysis of plant and machinery PRE - 7071

Structural analysis in their operational modes (machine running), experimental and analytical characterization pursues dynamic behavior in relation to vibration modes, frequencies and structural parameters ( damping , stiffness, mass) .

Sometimes the machine does not respond with a drop in levels of vibration to the dynamic balance or there was out of proportion values of the root causes of forced vibration, without the operation itself allow her out of such conditions.

Structural analysis is used to:


  • Simulate and represent the vibratory movement of the machine as a whole to locate the areas with structural weakness , defects assembly ( misalignment ) and the apparent magnitude of the problem in normal operation.
  • Determine vibration modes and the modal parameters of the machine or structure as mechanical system , creating an optimized analytical model with experimental data obtained from mechanical excitation ( modal hammer , or "shaker " electrodynamic ) machine out of operation. Represent vibration modes of operating conditions leading to a situation vibratory machine vibrating .
  • Designing solutions on the analytical model of structural reforms that ensure separation between the operating conditions and the critical conditions of resonance within safety margins . The reform proposals are calculated by the finite element method (FEM ) and empirically verified after completion .