Service laser shaft alignment

Preditec has specialized technicians and laser alignment equipment to address any alignment work bogies.

Service laser shaft alignment - PRE -7061

The best system of coupled shaft alignment is currently based on optical - laser technology, to provide a technical superiority in all respects to the traditional mechanical dial indicators.

The advantages of the laser beam versus traditional alignment systems are basically the speed and reliability of operation:

  • Reading accuracy to 1 micron, eliminating systematic errors and rejecting inconsistent readings. The precision of the laser beam is ten times that of watches.
  • Simplicity of procedure. Measurements are taken by pressing a button without reading, recording, or manually enter the calculating machine, avoiding systematic errors of judgment or interpretation.
  • Ease of assembly, especially with long axes reel, without any deflections in the metal brackets.

The benefits of a proactive maintenance program precision alignment axes are:

  • Reducing operations and maintenance costs.
  • Longer life of bearings, mechanical seals and couplings.
  • Reducing the level of vibration and mechanical stress of elements.
  • Low power consumption, with savings of up to 5%.
  • Increased reliability of machinery to reduce the risk of downtime due to breakdown.