Reciprocating compressors

Preditec provides predictive maintenance for reciprocating by both laptops and by continuous measurement systems.


Comprehensive service and predictive diagnostic measurements in reciprocating compressors - PRE -7018

The predictive maintenance monitoring of functional analysis and reciprocating mechanical treatment is based on multichannel cylinder pressure signals , high and low vibration frequency, ultrasonic and temperature.
The timing of actions is performed with an encoder or tachometer , which is the reference piston position in cylinder double acting, and multi-stage compressors , driven by electric motor or internal combustion engine.
From the closed curve is calculated PV power indicated or thermodynamics (IHP ), capacity and volumetric efficiencies in suction and discharge able assessed losses in valves.
From the open loop pressure correlated with other variables mechanical be detected:

  • Crosshead clearances elements (pin and roller)
  • Gas leaks in valves and piston rings
  • Pressure pulsation
  • Excess losses in passage of ducts
  • Cylinder liner wear
  • Reversal of stem insufficient effort
  • Stem fatigue Overload
  • Dysfunction of downloaders

The diagnosis of the functional and mechanical reciprocating compressor is based on the analysis of the cylinder pressure curve (PV), according to the following procedure:

  • In -cylinder pressure measurement , synchronized with the crankshaft position by reference encoder or tachometer neutral.
  • Synchronized mechanical variables measurement on the pattern of pressure (vibration, ultrasonic , temperature).
  • Experimental calculation indicated power (IHP) with assessment of volumetric efficiencies , and flow balance compressor capacity, and analysis of crank shaft effort by composition of the experimental static (pressure) and the theoretical dynamic load (alternative train inertia).
  • Identification of valve problems, gas passages (beats and restrictions ) and mechanical (impacts , friction and backlash ) alternative train and bench supports.
  • Report mechanical functional status and mitigation recommendations.