Predictive maintenance based in vibration

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Predictive maintenance based in vibration analysis with Preconcerto, Predictive Maintenance Management.


Comprehensive service measurements and predictive diagnostics by vibration analysis - PRE -7010 

PdM.pngIn this mode Preditec addresses both the measurement of the vibration on field as emission analysis and diagnostic reports Preconcerto platform.
Preditec/IRM serves today more than 70 PdM contracts, with a rate of correct diagnoses over 99 %.

Remote Predictive Diagnostic Service by vibration analysis - PRE -7011

Preconcerto PCT.pngIn this mode , the user is responsible for vibration data collection on field sends these data to Preditec/IRM , who by Preconcerto platform generates useful information for planning predictive maintenance interventions.

Timely Service Vibration analysis and diagnosis in PdM contract - PRE -7020

Preditec/IRM.jpgHere we offer special services are requested outside the established measurements schedule.

Preconcerto , Predictive Maintenance Manager

Paneldiagnostico.jpgPreconcerto is the platform for managing the predictive maintenance information .

More information about Preconcerto.

About analysis of vibrations

The vibration analysis of rotating machines is the basic technique for the diagnosis of most of the problems electromechanical predictive maintenance plans for critical machinery .
PeakVue technologies , Spike Energy or enclosure are the tools used to characterize impact phenomena (bearings, gears and friction ) even at very low RPM regimes .
In predictive inspections are easily traced failures :

  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Clearances of bearings and supports
  • " Pitting " in bearings and gears
  • Rods with bearings
  • Structural and operational problems