Optimization PdM database

This service consists of the review and revision as appropriate, of periodicity in the data collection, alarm levels, setting measures ...

Optimizing database predictive maintenance - PRE -7036

Preditec has PrediALARM method for configuration and optimization of all parameters in databases for predictive maintenance.

The points to work on a service PdM system optimization are:

  • Grouping similar machinery to create homogeneous groups
  • Review the number and type of parameters supervisiónRevisión of active diagnostic plots predictive routes
  • Resetting parameters of selected measures for inspections predictive
  • Setting field notes inspection routes
  • Defining levels of alert and alarm limits for each monitoring parameter for groups of machines
  • Establishment of periodicity in the data collection for each machine
  • Creating paths and measure their annual planning
  • Creating views of exception reports

Furthermore, Preditec can advise on their management system for predictive diagnostic reports and establish a department interaction scheme predictive maintenance coordination to channel diagnostic results.