Generation PdM database / Preconcerto

Preditec/IRM provides configuration databases predictive applications for higher predictive performance of your plan.

Generation PdM database / Preconcerto - PRE-7031

The quality of programming predictive database is a cornerstone for the success and performance of predictive maintenance plan. Therefore Preditec / MRI available to customers all knowledge of their predictive analysis experts, in order to optimize the results of predictive maintenance plans.

This service is divided into several stages ahead of their time:

Selection of the measuring points.
Configuration database machine measures calculated according to the criteria by the method Predialarm , international standards and indications of our experts.
Setting measurement parameters : maximum frequency , cutoff frequency, averages , window, monitoring parameters , overlap , sensitivity ...
Define the monitoring parameters of common failure modes depending on the type of machinery.
Configuration failure frequencies typical of bearings, gears, fans , bombras , compressors and electric motors.
Configuring additional parameters field manual input such as temperatures , pressures, flows , consumption ...
Configuring coded notes on visual inspections of the machines.
Setting alarms in each monitoring parameter based on historical data ( if any ) of international standards and analyst estimates Preditec / MRI based on database PrediAlarm machinery alarms.
Definition and route configuration predictive measure.
Generating baseline.
Creating the database structure and high tracking assets management platform Preconcerto predictive information .
Documentation of the work performed.