Condition monitoring and protection systems maintenance

Preditec has a high qualified team of technical personnel specialized in the design, installation and commissioning of continuous monitoring systems.

Installation and maintenance of monitored vibration instrumentation PRE-7051

These services configured using the following modules:

  • Project Management
  • Preliminary Engineering continuous monitoring systems
  • Installing wiring sensors and continuous monitoring systems
  • Engineering documentation
  • FAT acceptance tests of continuous monitoring systems
  • Installation supervision , commissioning and acceptance testing SAT continuous monitoring systems
  • Installing server platform continuously monitored system
  • System configuration continuously monitored
  • Generating database system continuously monitored
  • Creating technical procedures / PdM technologies, translation and production of manuals
  • Services existing systems continuously monitored

Existing systems can be maintained continuously monitored , extended or adjusted through the following services:

  • Installation and maintenance of monitored vibration instrumentation.
  • Certification Service proper operation of continuous monitoring systems
  • Data Integration with PI/DCS
  • Remote service firms adjusting alarm levels and continuous monitoring systems
  • Remote Service machinery analysis and diagnosis using continuous monitoring systems

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