Analysis and diagnosis of turbogroups

Preditec offers advanced turbomachinery diagnosis

Service turbogroups analysis and diagnosis of PRE -7028

The turbomachinery requires special equipment to record parallel multichannel vibration sensors in the machine.
Starting a turbine generator group (gas turbine or steam) is a transient operation entails a risk , but at the same time provides information on operating conditions much more significant than is possible to obtain steady state.

The structural characteristics of flexible shaft rotors and operating conditions of the group in terms of temperature, differential expansion , eccentricity compensation , residual imbalance , networking , rising freight. , Pose a serious threat to the dynamics of turbomachinery if there is no ability to monitor the critical variables during the launch of the group.

The turbine- control shooting allows real-time display vectors vibration during launch ramp ( "run -up ") or the shot ( " coast- down" ) , knowing a quantitative and qualitative dynamic behavior to predict whether exceed critical risks without incurring damage bearings, steam seals and other components.

Transient recording vibration signals to characterize the dynamics of the rotor under different RPM ( critical frequency ) and charging operation ( level variations ) , and set as a reference baseline in the mechanical condition in terms of hysteresis in steps critical frequencies , spectral analysis, orbital analysis , hydrodynamic lift , etc. 

The shooting control and transient recording is performed simultaneously thanks to the large capacity of data processing and real-time display of PC -based systems:

  • Connecting the data acquisition unit to the outputs " buffer " of machine guarding racks . " Retroffitting " existing sensors machine.
  • Placement of probes ( ICP , Eddy , ... ) Additional temporarily in the most representative of the machine ( pedestals and housings ) , and connection to the data acquisition unit .
  • Launch of turbogenerator , monitoring and data logging during the acceleration ramp , step by critics, and synchronization scheme , coupling network and increase load until steady .
  • Ramp control depending on expected levels of vibration on critical shot or step controlled group as cases.
  • Validation of existing probes ( GAP , noise, ... ), determination of levels of alertness and hazard protection racks , and their multipliers each critical step ( " treshold multiplier " ) .

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