Preconcerto, Predictive Maintenance Manager

09/ 9/2013
Preditec/IRM launches a web-based platform that revolutionizes the way in which condition based maintenance data are managed for industrial assets.

The implementation of the predictive strategy in industrial maintenance is a seemingly simple task, but the reality is that very few corporations have the benefits of optimized maintenance. Predictive techniques inform us about the condition of machinery and allow us to act lengthening or shortening the periods between scheduled maintenance operations.

So far, there is no known application whose main function was the predictive maintenance data management. Manufacturers of condition based maintenance technologies have developed applications that serve the analyst to perform their diagnostics, but lacked a platform user-oriented to facilitate the following tasks:

  • Knowing the status of their critic assets to reschedule maintenance operations on condition. 
  • Oversee the execution of the inspections of each predictive technique.
  • Control the quality and precision of the performed diagnostics.

Preconcerto is the fastest and efficient way to implement predictive maintenance strategy in industry.


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