Non-contact probes systems compatible with Bently Nevada

08/ 2/2009
Metrix offers interchangeable probes touch not even with the outdated models of Bently Nevada.

Systems non-contact displacement transducers inductive principle "Eddy Current" to METRIX offer interchangeable with Bently-Nevada systems that are already out of production schedule and are an interesting option for the maintenance chain-Nevada medidaBently 3000, 3300, 7200, NSV3300 RAM900 and level probes, cables and signal conditioners "proximitors."

METRIX instrumentation is manufactured according to API-670 and offers unlimited integration capabilities with Bently-Nevada systems detailed above.

 Spare probes, cables and conditioners.

  • 4-20 mA output transmitters on existing measurement channels for connection to plant control system in supervisory roles.

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