Evolution Preditec / IRM

09/ 6/2010
In recent years, and since the beginning of its operations in 1989, Preditec / MRI has evolved in a very important from the point of beginning.

Traditionally, Preditec/IRM has been a provider of cutting-edge tools and engineering services specializing in the field of PdM and PM but experience has shown us that regardless of the quality of services never applied best practice part of our clients and therefore would not be achieved the benefits sought the proper application of PdM and PM.
To achieve the benefits from best practices, maintenance departments need to develop the proper methodology of PdM and PM at least the most important assets of the plant supported by studies of criticality and failure modes of selected assets and implementing processes necessary to support the maintenance function as new methods of reliability engineering.

These reasons among others are those that have moved to Preditec / MRI to develop tools (such as pre-arranged web-based software) and techniques to help our customers implement and / or optimize their maintenance philosophies based on the reliability (RCM) from the approach of the Integrated Management of Assets.
For this we rely on the current rules of RCM: ISO 14224 SAE - JA1011 or the most recent PAS 55 which sets out good practice in Integrated Asset.
Preditec / MRI, along with PMM Institute for Learning with whom he recently established a Strategic Alliance has developed a new product diagnostic service maintenance function aimed at achieving improved reliability of assets and the benefits that entails.
The important aspect of training, Preditec / MRI now offers the largest portfolio of courses available in our country in various aspects of maintenance. Within this offer courses emphasize the analysis of vibration according to ISO 18436 certification by the Mobius Institute with whom we have agreements in our country.
The aim of Preditec / MRI is to optimize the reliability of plant assets, increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs of our clients through the application of best practices.