Mission , Vision and Values


Preditec/IRM is a company established to provide benefit to their clients by applying the latest strategies and technologies for predictive maintenance and reliability.


Leading the service sector for predictive maintenance and reliability industry with a sustainable business growth and development, providing our team the opportunity to feel proud of developing their professional skills growing up in a working environment with the latest technologies .


1. Customer Orientation
The needs and problems of our customers are our reason for being. We anticipate offering them solutions based on the best technology with the utmost professionalism and effort.

2. Excellence
We are a strong and diversified business group with a unique business model that is committed to maintain its market leadership by a committed team with a certified training and excellent qualifications and the highest quality and reliability of our services and products, which resulting in 100% success of projects.

3. Commitment
Compromise is the essence of our development and allows us to create lasting relationships with our customers, employees and technology partners based on mutual trust .

4. Capacity for Innovation
Our extensive international network of contacts, experience in all techniques monitored the condition and capacity for innovation are essential in a world where technologies emerge and become obsolete very quickly.

5. Hope
It's what accompanies each and every one of our values by reach their peak.