Service for the diagnosis, PrediHELP

With PrediHELP you get diagnoses from data that give predictive techniques or just be without a second opinion.

The development of predictive diagnostic reports from data predictive techniques can be complex if you do not have sufficient qualifications and experience.

Download catalogue PrediHELP PDF 2Mb

Preditec/IRM offers the opportunity to have a predictive analyst certificate to help you solve those difficult diagnostic cases . From the measurements and additional data provided by the user, our technicians tab type reports and recommendations on diagnostic machine diagnosed.

The diagnosis helpline PrediHELP is managed as a package of hours which are deducted from the available balance as they are consuming . So we forget the administrative bureaucratic procedures required whenever an external service for the diagnosis.


  • Greater accuracy in their diagnoses. It may have a second opinion from an expert certified vibration analyst ISO 18436-2 Category III.
  • Only when needed. So you can have an expert analyst requiera.Acceso only when it immediately. Avoid administrative bureaucracy and contact an analyst with just one phone call.
  • No risk of expiration. The credit is valid for two years and if after this time has not used 100% of your bonus , you can deduct the unused credit of a new bonus PrediHELP.
  • Contract duration bonds and save more with the rate applied.

Download catalogue PrediHELP PDF 2Mb